4x4 Tyre Markings

image: 4x4 tyre markings4X4 Tyre Markings Explained

AT - all terrain

HT - high way terrain

MT - mud terrain

HP - high performance 95% on road

UHP - ultra high performance

SUV - sports utility vehicle

RV - recreational vehicle

4x4 - 4 wheel drive

OWL - outside white lettering

RWL - raised white lettering

RBL - raised black letteting

SBL - Serrated Black Lettering

BSW - Black Side Wall

M&S - mud & snow

ST - sure trac made by cooper at/mud

STR - all seasons  all terrain from pirelli

O/E original equipment , out the factory

D sport Duella Bridestone HT suv

Cross Contact AT Continental light off road

Uniroyal have a street pattern - HT

More to follow.

Image: cheap 4x4 tyres,

4X4 Tyre Markings Explained