Avon Tyre Descriptions




Ultra-high performance for driving enthusiasts and high end sports cars

  • Designed, developed, tested and manufactured in Europe
  • IATD Intelligent Asymmetric Tread Design Divided into three fundamental zones:
    i. Inner shoulder designed to give high contact pressures to promote balanced tread wear and enhanced wet grip
    ii. Continuous central grooves to ensure efficient water clearance
    iii. Wide continuous outer shoulder gives confident
    handling in both wet and dry conditions
  • Highly loaded silica tread compound combined with state of the art polymer technology for excellent wet & dry traction and handling
  • Opti-noise technology to ensure a quieter ride
  • 2 ply rayon casing and a tuned construction for crisp predictable handling
  • Functional rim flange protectors to help protect your alloy wheels from damage
  • Newly developed Tri-Arc mould shape for improved contact pressure distribution handling and balanced tread wear*
  • Tested throughout Europe on tracks and road:
    - Dynamic high speed durability testing at the Nürburgring
    - Wet and dry performance testing at locations in UK, Spain, Italy and Germany


Ultra-high performance tyres for sport orientated cars

  • Superb wet weather grip
  • Excellent dry road holding
  • Very predictable on-the-limit handling characteristics
  • Gives you total confidence in driving your high performance car hard and fast
  • Rim flange protector to guard your expensive alloy wheels against kerbing damage


The premium tyre from Avon

  • Progressive, predictable handling
  • Excellent braking performance, wet or dry
  • Quiet running
  • Rim flange protector to help guard against kerb damage


Modern pattern for everyday use

  • Improved noise control using Avon pitch sequencing technology
  • Conforms to the latest EU legislation for noise
  • Quiet running
  • Wide range of fitments for family cars
  • Good steering response

Turbosteel 70

For luxury high-performance cars

  • Ability to cruise quietly and comfortably, ideal for elite marques.
  • Our Turbosteel, Turbospeed and CR228-D ranges are perfect for large, luxury cars.
    With enough flex in the sidewall to deliver a comfortable ride, and a tread pattern that’s efficient in reducing noise and dispersing water, if you drive a premium car, these premium tyres will do it justice.
  • Standard specification on selected Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin models

Touring ST

A performance winter tyre

  • Provides superior traction in snow, ice, slush and wet
  • Gives excellent tyre life
  • Asymmetric tread pattern
  • Wide, low profile styling to complement the CR85 winter line-up
  • Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol


Premium winter tyre

  • Excellent traction in winter conditions - snow, ice, slush, mud and wet
  • Superb road holding in all winter conditions thanks to special rubber formulation
  • First-rate braking performance on slippery surfaces
  • Ideally suited to rural drivers who need to stay mobile
  • Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol
  • High silica content for extra traction in the wet and cold
  • Features Avon's patented 'Snow Groove' for grip in the snow

Ranger Sport

High performance 4x4 tyre

  • Superb road holding
  • Gives keen steering response and turn-in characteristics
  • First-rate straight-line stability at high speed
  • Striking tread pattern
  • Wide tread grooves resist clogging with mud off-road
  • 10% off road; 90% on road


High performance 4x4 tyre

  • Good ride quality
  • Very stable at high speed
  • Excellent wet weather road holding
  • Good traction in muddy fields
  • Circumferential tread rib around the centre of the tyre aids steering response
  • 15% off road; 85% on road

Ranger A-T

All-terrain 4x4 tyre

  • Great for both on-road and off-road use
  • First-class wet weather road holding
  • Strong traction in off-road conditions
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Good tyre life
  • Some sizes will also fit 4x4 pick-up trucks
  • Bold tread pattern resists clogging and easily 'self-cleans'
  • Siping for increased wet-weather performance and enhanced off-road traction
  • 50% off road; 50% on road

Ranger TSE

Great all round 4x4 tyre

  • Quiet running
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Predictable handling characteristics
  • Good road holding in the wet and dry
  • Very capable in modest off-road use
  • Stylish - features bold white outline lettering in most sizes
  • Also suitable for 4x4 pick-up trucks
  • 30% off road; 70% on road


4x4 tyre for Land Rover

  • Ideal for Land Rover fitment


Ranger Ice

Winter tyre for 4x4s

  • Excellent traction in deep snow, ice, slush, mud and plain wet surfaces
  • Strong resistance to aquaplaning through standing water
  • Keen handling characteristics
  • Good road holding in the dry and wet
  • Marked with 'Severe Snow Conditions' symbol

Avanza AV10

Specially for car-derived vans

  • Long tyre life
  • Excellent value
  • Good handling characteristics
  • Toughened sidewalls to cope with kerbs and potholes
  • Low noise levels
  • Excellent straight-line stability for motorway driving


Avanza AV9

Modern high-speed van tyres

  • Long life tyre
  • Robust sidewalls to cope with kerbing damage
  • Excellent value
  • Reinforced to handle heavy loads
  • First-rate wet weather performance

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