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The formula 1 legacy

Bridgestone’s proud racing heritage dates back to the very first Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1963. Since then, Bridgestone has been a driving force behind research and development in some of the world’s most demanding motorsport environments.

After 14 years of completing in the highest category of single-seater motorsport, Bridgestone has carried F1 drivers and teams to no fewer than 11 Drivers and 11 Constructors FIA Formula One World Championships. A total of 175 wins, 168 pole positions and 170 fastest laps have been achieved on Bridgestone Potenza Formula tyres that continue to push the boundaries of motorsport perfections.

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Bridgestone Tyre Descriptions


Now you can enjoy superior tyre performance and guaranteed levels of safety without compromising on the environment. Bridgestone tyres bearing the Ecopia mark offer low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy and less CO2 emissions.

  • Advanced tread pattern, optimized for smooth, quiet and efficient performance
  • Winding groove design for rapid water evacuation and superior traction in wet conditions
  • Silica-reinforced construction for superior handling and fuel economy
  • Sleek, stylish, contemporary design

Reducing your carbon footprint no longer means having to compromise on safety or comfort. One of Bridgestone’s most impressive technological achievements yet, the ECOPIA achieves a perfect synergy between superior safety and environmental performance.

By limiting internal friction, the ECOPIA’s revolutionary compound significantly reduces the rolling resistance of your tyres without giving an inch when it comes to stability, traction or dynamic handling. The ECOPIA’s incredible capability translates into improved mileage, lower carbon emissions and a smoother, more efficient ride.

Tread lightly but surely with ECOPIA.

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Run Flat Tyre RFT

Unlike conventional tyres, the RFT principle is based on a reinforced, self-supporting sidewall. This prevents the inside of the tyre from getting crushed between the road and the rim and from slipping into the rim well in the event of a loss of inflation. The RFT's reinforced sidewall enables the car to continue on its way at a maximum speed of 50 mph for up to 50 miles, depending on road conditions and vehicle weight.

Run Flat tyres offer crucial advantages

With RFT tyres you remain mobile in the event of a flat tyre.

  • You can reach your destination or tyre service facility without the hassle of having to change a wheel at the side of the road
  • Compatible with standard rims
  • Simple mounting
  • Saves room in the boot - giving you as much as 3 cubic feet more space - and reduces weight - thus also reducing fuel consumption.