Child Seat Safety

What is an MOT? It is a basic visual and physical check that meets the minimum legal requirements for the items required to be tested under section 45 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.


image: Child safety

When it comes to testing the seat belts, the vehicle examiner will test all seat belts, including the child seats that are fitted in the back. By pulling each seat belt webbing against its anchorage to see that it is properly secure and examine the condition of the seat belt webbing for cuts or obvious signs of deterioration.

However child seats that are held in place by the adult seat belt, MUST NOT BE REMOVED by the vehicle examiner, so any part of the adult seat belt that can not be readily seen will not be tested.

The most important seat belt in your car is holding in your child / baby and this is the seat belt that is not fully checked. Not because the vehicle examiner thinks any less of your child than you do, but because it CAN NOT BE SEEN. So if you would like your child's seat belt fully checked remove it before hand and place it in the boot so you can use it again on the way home.

This might seem an inconvenience at the time, but this is your child's safety at risk.