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The company is prominent in the high performance and luxury end of the OE market with Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Lotus, Mercedes and Porsche all specifying YOKOHAMA as original equipment. In addition to this, YOKOHAMA is also specified as original equipment on certain models for every Japanese car maker.

In 1990 the motor sport division was born and was promptly gone on to supply the winning tyres to four consecutive British touring car championships. Today, YOKOHAMA tyres are raced at the highest level of the sport including the FIA world touring car championship, where they’re the sole supplier and official partner for the series. In addition, another 34 UK championships in the motorsport sector currently specifying YOKOHAMA

YOKOHAMA has created a niche in the market through its high prominence in motorsport an OE on luxury and sports cars.  It’s in demand on the internet sites and in a max power survey. YOKOHAMA was the tyre brand that most readers would have fitted, given a free choice of any tyre.

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