Kumho Tyre Descriptions Car


The ECSTA KH11 tyre combines design technology with racing success to deliver superb handling without sacrificing ride comfort and low noise in spring, summer and fall. * High technology silica and carbon tread compound for breathtaking grip in wet and dry conditions.

  • Lateral grooves efficiently evacuate water and balance tread stiffness for improved wet traction and a smooth ride.
  • Large outside tread blocks provide rigidity for increased cornering performance.
  • Solid center rib provides a constant contact surface for excellent high speed stability, reduced noise levels, and better response.
  • Jointless Cap and wide belt construction maintains the optimum tire shape at high speed improving handling, wear, and high speed capability.
  • Optimized block shape reduces noise by altering the block size around the tire reducing noise.
  • The SOLUS KH15 is a symmetrically patterned tyre giving well balanced performance in a wide range of driving conditions. The range currently extends to some 70 sizes to fit everything from super-minis to large saloons and estates.
  • Four straight grooves for maximum aquaplaning resistance.
  • Streamlined centre tread blocks for highspeed stability and good water drainage.
  • Shoulder blocks aligned for minimum noise combined with high lateral traction and good mileage performance.
  • Sipe density and geometry optimised by supercomputer for excellent braking on wet and dry roads


  • The SOLUS KH17 is a contemporary performance tyre for such top selling hatchbacks and saloons as Ford's Fiesta and Focus, Volkswagen's Polo and Golf and Vauxhall's Corsa and Astra.
  • It has already won the approval of a number of major European car magazines and was awarded Best Buy status by Which? Magazine.
  • The SOLUS KH17 features three wide longitudinal grooves for optimum wet weather performance and exceptional stability thanks to reinforced tread blocks equipped with waved semi-grooves.
  • The KH17 is available in a range of sizes from 155/65R13 to 225/50R17 and speed ratings H to V.
  • Proven high levels of wet and dry traction.
  • Lower noise levels.
  • Improved ride comfort.

Ecsta HM KH31

  • This attractive looking tyre is designed to provide a new level of balanced performance for higher powered saloons and estates.
  • A replacement for the successful KH11, it features the next generation of Kumho tyre technology.
  • Upgraded tread compound for excellent handling and aquaplaning resistance. Advanced belt package for improved durability and handling performance.
  • Tread pattern with three wide centre ribs for high speed driving stability and sinusoidal groove for maximum water drainage.
  • Engraved ECSTA logo on central rib.

Ecsta KU19

  • Outstanding high-speed handling and grip.
  • Excellent wet weather performance.
  • The ECSTA SPT KU31 is KUMHOs latest ultra high performance tyre line-up. Available in over 100 sizes, most with extra load capability, the SPT KU31 combines the finest race-derived tyre technology with some of KUMHOs most recent innovations in road tyre design.
  • Patented rotate wear indicators enable visual monitoring of tread life.
  • Special notches protect against water turbulence through longitudinal grooves.
  • Even wear profile helps suppress noise levels as tread depth reduces.
  • Asymmetric groove profile for high speed driving stability.
  • Slashed lateral grooves increase water evacuation.
  • New silica-based compound ensures maximum wet performance.
  • ECSTA logo in centre rib for high visual appeal.
  • KUMHO introduced its first XRP or Extended Run-Flat Performance version of the ECSTA SPT. KU31 for the Mini Cooper in 2005. This has now been joined by some of the most popular BMW 1, 3 Series and 5 Series fitments and several new sizes are planned for introduction by the end of 2008.
  • KUMHO's XRP tyres have reinforced sidewalls and a specially reinforced bead which will support the cars weight and ensure a secure fit on the wheel even after complete loss of inflation pressure. Special materials also prevent heat from building up while driving when the tyre is deflated.


  • Asymmetric ultra high performance tyre designed for Europe?s top car marques. The Y speed rated KU39's key features are its enhanced performance, braking in wet conditions and controlled ride and refinement.
  • High grip tread compound ensures maximum traction and braking performance.
  • Specially designed casing provides impressive high speed stability.

ecowing KH19

  • Eco-friendly tread pattern design
  • Tread compound with nano technology for improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions
  • Tread design optimised for enhanced wet braking and wear resistance



Ecsta V70A

  • Road-legal, List 1B tyre which has already proved its credentials on the track as the control tyre for the Kumho BMW Championship and the Kumho TVR Tasmin Challenge.
  • Recommended for circuit racing, sprint and hill climb events.
  • The ideal tyre for track day use.
  • Wide range of 13" to 18" sizes available in a choice of hard, medium and soft compounds.



Radial 857

  • The Radial 857 is Kumho's core range for commercial vans and is widely accepted for its durability, traction and high mileage performance.
  • Available in some 30 sizes including T and H speed rated low profile fitments for the latest generation of vans.
  • Deep zig-zag grooves for increased mileage and traction.
  • Straight centre groove and optimised sipe sequence on all four ribs to improve ride and noise levels.