The One - Snow Chains

image: the one snow chainsimage: the one snow chains


THE ONE is a snow chain that requires a mere 8 mm of space on the interior of the wheel and 9 mm at the tyre's tread.
The chain is equipped with an intelligent (patented) self-tensioning system consisting of a special thermo-plastic elastomer, which provides higher resistence to rough temperatures and elastic recovery.
The elastomers which line the side of the chain allow for an accurate and precise fit and, together with a special locking lever, an impeccable automatic tensioning.

THE ONE offers numerous advantages:

  • A much quicker installation in comparison to traditional chains.
  • Constructive and functional simplicity.
  • No contact with the rim.
  • Resistant against impacts and vibrations (shock absorbing).
  • The frame strcutre and mechanism have a longer lifespan.
    The self-tensioning system is corrosion-proof.
  • The chains have high resistance to wear.
  • Reduced driving noise and higher comfort in use.

Price £118.95 inc vat, delivery and insurance.

Complete with 2 chains to drive one axel.

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