MOT Seats and Seatbelts

Image: seatbeltSeat Belts including Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS)


  • The driver's and the front passenger's seats must be secure.
  • All seat backs must be securable in the upright position.
  • The driver's seat must be able to move forwards and backwards, adjustment mechanism must function as intended.


All seat belts fitted to any vehicle must be inspected for:

  • Security of seat belt mountings and locking stalks
  • Security and operation of the locking/release mechanism
  • Condition of webbing
  • Retraction of the belt (it is allowed to manually feed it in)
  • A seat belt load limiter or pre-tensioner must not be missing or obviously deployed

Notes: 1. For technical reasons the inertia locking mechanism is not checked. 2. On some vehicles the belt is attached to the seat, in which case the security of the seat to the vehicle would also constitute part of the seat belt check.

If you have a child seat fitted to your vehicle this will not be removed due to the many different fitting systems and the problem of not being fitted back correctly, a full examination of the seatbelt can not take place, an advisory notice will be given to inform you that this has not been fully checked. If you would like your child's seat, seat belt checked fully then remove it before the test.

All of the seat belts installed are checked for type, condition, operation and security. All compulsory seat belts must be in place. A seat belt is only a seatbelt if the seat is in place. ie: If the rear seat or passenger seat is removed then a broken seat belt would not become part of the test.

Supplementary Restraint Systems

This inspection includes airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners and seat belt load limiters.

Check for

  • Presence and condition of any SRS

Turn on ignition and check for

  • Presence and operation of Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)

Check for
Presence and condition of any seat belt load limiters or pre-tensioners fitted as original equipment.

Reasons for failure:

  • airbag missing or defective
  • SRS Malfunction Indicator Lamp: Inoperative or Indicating malfunction