Phonetic alphabet number plate talk.

Registration numbers, how to talk plates like the professionals do.

This system was introduced in the 1950s in order to account for discrepancies that might arise in communications as a result of multiple alphabet naming systems.

The police and military use this for radio communications, car mechanics use it to give registration number plates over the telephone and customers looking to enquire about cherished number plates can use it to ensure they get the correct number plate that they require.


A = Alpha

J = Juliet

S = Sierra

B = Bravo

K = Kilo

T = Tango

C = Charlie

L = Lima

U = Uniform

D = Delta

M = Mike

V = Victor

E = Echo

N = November

W = Whisky

F = Foxtrot

O = Oscar

X = X-Ray

G = Golf

P = Papa

Y = Yankee

H = Hotel

Q = Quebec

Z = Zulu

I = India

R = Romeo