Spare Tyres and Space Savers

50 MPH for 50 Miles

image: Space saver tyre yellow

These tyres are designed to be used as a 'get you home' temporary replacement tyre, 50 MPH for 50 Miles. These tyres are much thinner than the standard tyres that you are used to driving on, and the handling will feel very strange at first especially on bends, roundabouts and emergency manoeuvring.

In 2000, a group of youngsters were killed in a car crash in East London as their space-saver could not handle an emergency manoeuvre. So if drivers are going to ignore these limitations then they need to beware of the fatal consequences.

It is also recommended that  the small spare temporary tyre is only fitted to the front of the vehicle.

If you use the small wheel on the rear axle you are more likely to experience vehicle oversteer when cornering in wet conditions.

  • In the case of  rear tyre damage it is recommended to replace one of the front wheels with the spare tyre, jacking up according to your vehicles handbook.
  • Then replace the front tyre with the damaged tyre on the rear axle.

Regularly checking the tyre pressure will ensure that when you need your emergency tyre, it is in the best condition.

Space saving tyres have a tyre pressure of 60 psi or 4.1 bar, this will be moulded into the tyres sidewall, but not all space savers are 60 psi, becoming more popular on the cheaper far eastern vehicles these tyres can be substituted for a narrow standard tyre, still painted red or yellow indicating a temporary tyre but not the heavy duty rubber sidewalls of an 'official space saver'.

Small spare wheels can not be used in conjunction with snow chains.