Tips to Fitting a Car Stereo

To get a live wire that only comes on with the ignition, look for the connector on the cigarette lighter and use a scotch lock so that you don't damage any of the wires, or cut and join the wires with solder and heat shrink it to protect the bare wires. You will also need a permanent live to keep the radio presets, you can try using the one from the clock.

If the vehicle has a stereo you can use the wires from that, to determine which is live or not, use a test light or volt metre. Connect to a suitable earth and test for permanent with the ignition off and test for ignition live with ignition on, then turn off to ensure test light goes off.

Fitting the speakers: Careful when running the wires from the front of the car to the rear that you don't catch them anywhere, that may break the wire in the future. Handy Tip: A way to test which wires fro the back of the dash goes to which speaker, is to se a AA battery and pt the wires across, this yo will hear a light crackle indicating which speaker that the wire are connected to, 

Follow the instructions that come with the box if possible.