Tyre Age

How can I tell the age of tyres?

Tyres are fantastically engineered products keeping your car on the road come rain or shine, however like everything else age can take its toll on tyres.

By the Dot code which is on the side of the tyre side wall!

Department of transport, not date of tyre as it could be misinterpreted.

4700 is the 47th week in 2000. 16th - 22nd of November.

If your tyres date has an arrow then it may be time to change that tyre. 1999 at the latest. Possible weather / UV damage has caused some cracking on the tyres side walls.

As the only point of contact between your car and the road, your tyre plays a critical role in keeping you safe. Acceleration, steering and cornering all depends on your tyre making it essential that they are properly cared for and regularly examined.

Poorly maintained tyres reduce performance and compromises safety.

Very few cars will use one set of tyres for 10 years, but many will have a spare tyre that is all to forgotten about. Tyres over 5years old should only be used in an emergency as a “get you home” and then changed back.

dot code info

dot code

Are your tyres past it?

Just because your tyre is 10years old does not automatically make it unsafe, but it is still worth getting it checked as tyres work very hard day in day out. Tyres should be checked regularly for signs of damage and tread wear.

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